Lucrative Careers In The Field Of Software Technology

There are a large number of companies hiring the services of software technology workers and it is only because of this reason that software technology is considered one of the fastest growing industries in the world at present. There are more than half million jobs available in this field. Here, we will have a look at some of the most lucrative and the most in-demand jobs in the field of software technology.

Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts protect customer information. This is one of the fastest growing fields in software technology with more and more companies hiring security analysts because of the threat of cyber attacks.

Software Developers

Software developers are professionals who have the ability of developing mobile device and computer applications. Job positions for software developers are expected to grow by around 12% in the next five years.

Computer System Analysts

Computer system analysts design computer systems that are tailored or customized as per the requirements of clients or specific businesses. It is to be noted that the hourly wage of a computer system analysts is around $39.76.

Web Developers

Web developers are tech workers carrying out the task of programming web pages and ensuring that the web pages work very well. Their hourly wage is $30.52 and this job is expected to grown by 11% in the near future. One of the best things about this career path is that you can aspire to become a web developer just by possessing an associate’s degree.