The Most Popular VPNs

The Most Popular VPNs

Whether you’re concerned about your online privacy or looking to access sites that are ordinarily blocked in your country, a VPN (virtual private network) will help. You’ll be able to hide your location online and access blocked content using the services in our round-up of the best VPNs. Many people use a VPN in order to enjoy the BBC iPlayer’s streaming services while outside of the UK, or to access US Netflix whilst inside the UK in order to make use of its expanded catalog (although with much tougher restrictions these days many VPNs can no longer help you access these reliably). VPNs are also a great tool to help you keep prying eyes at bay, giving an element of anonymity whilst browsing the web. There are free VPNs available, but beware that some free VPNs may install unwanted toolbars or third-party applications, and others simply offer much less advanced features. It’s important to first read the terms and conditions before using a free VPN, and to make sure you know the free VPNs limits.

Generally, though, even paid-for VPNs are quite cheap. You can subscribe too many for under $5 per month. Read on for our round-up of the best and most popular VPN services available. One of our favorite VPN is Private Internet Access, which has servers operated under the jurisdiction, meaning there’s no traffic monitoring required by law. The company tells us that it does not keep any logs of user activity at all. It offers more than 700 servers across 57 countries and offers a Kill Switch that will end the connection if the VPN drops for any reason. PIA is also reasonably priced, and offers lots of privacy and security features to help it become one of the most attractive VPN services for internet users looking for privacy online. It’s easy to set up and it’s quick, too, and there are mobile apps included should you need them. Connect to up to six devices at once.

Private Internet Access isn’t going to help you watch US Netflix, but it is a popular option that is well-worth considering if you have a different priority such as torrents or security/privacy. It has a whopping 700 servers across 57 countries, and you’ll be able to connect via five different devices at once with the same account. There are no traffic logs, and if you do want to use the service for torrents you can reduce the encryption to hide your IP address without sacrificing download and upload speeds. Better yet, it owns and operates the entire internal infrastructure (its private network, physical points of presence and servers), which is unlike most other VPN services available today. It offers a Kill Switch, and offers apps for iOS, Android and Windows in addition to Mac. You’ll get a 7-day money back guarantee, and prices start at around $3.33 per month.

Best Paying Jobs In The Field Of Software Technology

Top quality software development generally requires a complete understanding of programming, polished design and proper validation skills along with a comprehensive knowledge of different aspects of software technology. Apart from these difficult requirements, each and every domain of software technology comes with its very own special languages, techniques and features. The Master’s program in software technology provides a complete blend of courses teaching all the different aspects that have been mentioned above. The ones who take such courses come out as experts in software engineering and state-of-the- art technologies. They also get specialist insight into their preference of application domains which include embedded systems, cloud computing, security, databases and wireless. Additionally, they learn theoretical and practical skills that make them as asset while serving as developers in different companies dealing in software products.

Software Technology Specialization

Specialization in software technology is targeted towards the computer science students studying with the objective of qualifying for jobs that have been mentioned below:

  • Software Practitioners: They have practical skills and theoretical knowledge of different software technology phrases which include construction, design, validation tools and techniques and architecture. Software practitioners have the ability of addressing specific software technology challenges in different application fields like information system, security and sensor networks.
  • Researchers: They are very well-equipped in carrying out experimental and theoretical research in the field of software technology, design and programming along with software engineering procedures.
  • Tool Builders: They are proficient in high end software technology procedures required for creating or contributing to software tools.